User Stories

Consider one of the epics ‘Auto financing’. This is very difficult to estimate. If the product owner goes for the planning meeting with this level of abstraction, he will not be able to answer the queries posed to him. Lack of preparation or lack of clarity about the functionality fails the planning meeting. To avoid this we can divide the epic into features first and then into stories.

As an example, let us assume that the epic, ‘auto financing’ comprises of the following features;

Feature#1 - New vehicle purchase

Story#1 – Eligibility check

  • For government employees, do these checks …

  • For business men, do these checks

  • For new customers, do these checks

  • For existing customers do these checks….

Story#2 – Registration

Story#3 – Vehicle exchange

Story#4 – Loan approval

Feature#2 - Used vehicle purchase

Story#1 - Vehicle exchange

Story#2 - Loan processing

Story#3 - Download user story template

A typical user story has;

  • User story id

  • Name

  • Description

  • Acceptance tests / Definition of Done

  • Conversations