Agility Initiation Workshop

Workshop Objective

  1. Gain mindshare of the key stakeholders before embarking on the agile journey

  2. To understand / discuss the key opportunities and the challenges faced / anticipated by business in leveraging I.T to achieve strategic business goals quickly and consistently

  3. Consolidate and define the key problems

  4. Explore how agile using Scrum framework can address these key problems

  5. Ideate a solution

  6. Create a plan for piloting the solution

Who must attend?

  1. Senior management from business / IT

  2. Middle management from business / IT

Key takeaways from the workshop

  1. A shared clear view of the key opportunities and the challenges faced / can be anticipated while trying to achieve strategic business goals quickly using Information technology

  2. A good understanding of how agile frameworks like 'Scrum' can be used effectively to deliver value faster and consistently

  3. A prototype to pilot

  4. A plan to pilot

Workshop Structure

  1. Introduction by all participants

  2. A quick revisit to the workshop agenda / goals

  3. Guided discussion on the challenges in leveraging I.T for achievement of strategic business goals

  4. Consolidation of the findings

  5. A quick overview of Agile

    1. What is really the meaning of "Agile"

      1. Twelve agile principles

      2. A quick exercise to demonstrate the effectiveness of 'Self organizing teams' over 'Command & Control teams'

    2. How is it different from the traditional development process (Waterfall)

    3. Overview of Scrum

      1. Product backlog

      2. Sprint planning

      3. Sprint backlog

      4. Daily Scrum

      5. Sprint review

      6. Sprint retrospective

      7. Product owner - Roles & Responsibilities

      8. Development team - Roles & Responsibilities

      9. Scrum master roles & Responsibilities

      10. Mock project

  6. Discussion on 'How Agile practices can solve some of the key challenges documented'?

  7. Identify real projects to pilot Scrum

  8. Decide on the dates for team training

  9. Conclude

Duration of the workshop - 1 day ( 7 hours)