Scrumlance - At the heart of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time ....

Co-creating value through collaborative Agile Product Development using Scaled Scrum framework

How does it work?

  • Product owners, share your product idea with us. Together we will validate the idea first and define the minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Small and medium sized technology teams (scrum rooms) fully trained on scrum and agile values & principles by Scrumlance, bids against the MVP, following agile contracting guidelines, which allows for flexibility.

  • The product is developed by the Scrum room selected by the product owner following scrum practices, agile principles and values.

  • Throughout the development process, transparency is maintained using Agile collaboration tools

  • If required, Agile marketing professionals will help you to launch your products successfully

150+ verified & mentored developers, working from state of the art Scrum rooms, ready to sprint...

UI/UX, Angular, React JS, Node JS, IOS, Android, AWS, Azure, Python, .Net, DevOps .... 150+ agile ready resources working from state of the art development centers (Scrum rooms) , Collaborating with Product Owners across the globe, using Scrum

Scrumlancing combines reliability of conventional product development and the flexibility of freelancing / gigworking. Scrumlance is a new way of developing products and services by highly committed and capable professionals (Scrumlancers) working from distributed Scrum rooms, equipped with state of the art facilities and fully adhering to Agile principles, Values & Scrum framework. Scrumlancers are teams comprising of individually competent professionals in their chosen field with indepth understanding of Scrum framework and are excited to work on challenging projects adhering to Scrum. Scrumlancers include Product owners, Scrum masters, Developers, Testers , Architects , DevOps specialists, Subject matter experts, UI/UX professionals, Marketing professionals, Consultants, Small and medium sized technology companies, Investors etc.

  1. We will work with you to define the minimum viable product

  2. Will help you to get technology advise from highly experienced CTOs

  3. Will work with you to define the release plan

  4. Will work with you to define the optimised investment plan

  5. We will help you to identify the right scrum teams

  6. We will work closely with the development team during the sprints

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  1. We will mentor you on the right scrum supported with data based decision making (empiricism)

  2. We will connect you with product owners whose projects can leverage your domain and technology expertise

If you are a small / medium sized software development team or a professional with proven technology / domain track record and want to connect with Scrumlance, then contact us.

  1. Share the Scaled Scrum / Scrumlancing experiences with the product development community

  2. Include more community members who are capable and committed to real scrum

If you have already associated with Scrumlance and want to publish your success / failure stories around new product development to the community, then contact us