Frequently asked questions

  1. What is Scrumlance? - Scrumlance combines the reliability of traditional product development (outsourcing, nearsoucing) and the flexibility of freelancin(gigwork). In Scrumlancing, teams work from Scrum rooms with state of the art technology supported by Scrum ceremonies, artifacts, values and principles.

  2. Who is the 'Product owner' in Scrumlancing? - The one who provides the requirements / the one who owns the product.

  3. What is a Scrum room? - Scrum rooms are physical locations equipped with state of the art infrastructure for product development, following true scrum as defined by the founders of scrum and mentored / verified by Scrumlance.

  4. Can Scrum rooms co-exist within traditional organizations? - Yes. They must sign a MoU with Scrumlance assuring adherance to the Scrumlance principles, methods and engagement model.

  5. Who will be a scrum master in Scrumlance? - The product owner & team can decide

  6. Can the product owner choose the Scrum room? - Yes, the product owner can choose the most suitable scrum romm among the available scrum rooms.

  7. Can the product owner create his team from multiple Scrum rooms? - Yes

  8. Can the Scrum rooms bid for a project? - Yes

    1. Who will be the decision maker? - Product owner

  9. Can individuals connect with Scrumlance? - Yes

  10. Can professionals without Scrum knowledge be part of Scrumlance? - Yes, they will be provided free Scrum training