At present, Scrumlance is the consolidation of my work experiences with Scrum, accumulated over two decades of coaching scrum teams. My vision for Scrumlance is to create a community of Scrum practitioners who can add value to the Scrum practitioners by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Hope to add more professionals and services under Scrumlance in the future.

Abrachan Pudusserry (Aby)

Experienced Agile Coach and trainer. Abrachan is a highly experienced Agile project management coach and trainer, with around three decades of experience in the I.T industry (project based and product based organizations). He has more than a decade’s experience in agile projects using Scrum.

email : Mobile / WhatsApp : +91 9895372115

Work experience

Agile coaching & support

  • Conceived the idea of Scrumlance, and working on it

  • He designed and developed ‘Agile project management using Scrum’ program based on the Scrum guide and delivered the same for major multinational product companies as well as medium and small sized organizations.

  • Worked very closely with large and medium sized organizations to transition their teams from waterfall to agile.

  • Worked closely with a very large mank in Kuwait to transition their I.T department to agile from waterfall.

  • Transitioned a team of around 100 professionals from waterfall to agile for a product company in the medical field.

  • He was instrumental in transitioning a team of around 60 from ad-hoc agile implementation to good agile. Was involved in training and on the job coaching for a very large telecom company with multinational presence.

  • Implemented agile project management and execution at a startup, which has grown to a 400+ member organization subsequently.

Corporate trainings & Public workshops

  • Have conducted customized agile programs for a lot of corporates both big and small

  • Conducted several public workshops

Whats app : +91 9895372115

Phone : +91 9895372115

email :