Applied Agile with Scrum & Jira 

We can do everything with Scrum 

Applied Agile with Scrum & Jira training program  

Key takeaways 

Who can join?

Anyone with an interest to apply scrum in real projects 

The PMdistilledGuide Project 

The PMdistilledGuide is a comprehensive book of professional project management, explaining predictive, agile and hybrid project management. I am developing it using Scrum framework & Jira. The progress of this project is captured and published here for the benefit of all those who want to master agile project management using scrum framework and Jira tool.

Creating a Scrum project using Jira 

Start with Epics 

Creating the product backlog 

Product backlog grooming with Jira

Scrum with Jira - Value and risk driven prioritization of the product backlog